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Who - kedai (a) kedai . com . my
Where - Malaysia
What - we do zope/plone, linux solution for network, vpn, mail, etc
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by kedai last modified Nov. 14, 03 04:18 PM

it's been a while since i updated and it shows. well, no more. with this face lift, i hope to continue updating

i installed plone, and got the zopezen skin. hope to change it a bit so that it don't look like the evil twin :P

the old site is still accessable here. i won't be updating the products and howtos, however. the new is now up and running (although still in need of bug squashing) and that pulled the plug on my effort of keeping up to date list of products and howtos.

i will start updating this with tid bits of any new zope zen, plus all other stuff that don;t matter. read it or don't read it. your choice. but do comment on anything that bug you.

i've decided not to ask for registration to actually comment. i hope this decision don't bite me tomorrow.

i hope to actually build something with pyqt, or maybe wxwindows (depends on which i learn first) that will let me use xmlrpc to post stuff, bypassing the web browser. we'll see about that. hope that works out.

have a good weekend!


Posted by Anonymous User at Nov. 14, 03 04:12 PM

this is a test -me

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