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What - we do zope/plone, linux solution for network, vpn, mail, etc
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zope2.7 and zeo (updated to cover 2.7b3)

by kedai last modified Nov. 21, 03 10:16 PM

zeo is a must have for any zope sites, IMHO. here's how to setup zope2.7 with zeo

this is not a complete howto. that will be done soon i hope, extending my current "How-to Use zeo with zope".

starting with zope2.7, zeo comes with zope. and setting zeo up is rather easy.

here are the steps:

  1. get the zope2.7 tar ball
  2. i'm using source, since that helps clear some stuff that affect binary install (like, what's the port number? the admin password, etc, etc)

  3. untar the source. do the usual ./configure;make;make install. make instance will emulate the zope2.x way of working, i.e no INSTANCE_HOME

    with this install, we'll have the zope source (that we untarred), zope source tree (where we installed zope after ./configure;make;make install) and the zope instance (i.e INSTANCE_HOME, after we did a zope/source/tree/bin/

  4. make sure the zope setup works. try access the ZMI
  5. when your zope instance runs ok, it's time to setup zeo.

    go to your zope source tree, run

    path/to/zope/source$bin/ /pth/to/your/zope/instance

    some files needed by zeo will be copied to your zope/instance

  6. go to your zope instance, and edit etc/zope.conf nd etc/zeo.conf
    path/to/zope/instance$vi etc/zope.conf
     #uncomment zll zeo conf
       zeo-client-name zeo1
     <zodb_db main>
       mount-point /
         server localhost:8800
         storage 1
         name zeostorage
         var $INSTANCE/var
     <zodb_db temporary>
          name sessions
        mount-point /temp_folder
        container-class Products.TemporaryFolder.TemporaryContainer
    path/to/zope/instance$vi zeo.conf
    # ZEO configuration file

    %define INSTANCE_HOME /path/to/zope/instance

    <zeo> address 8800 read-only false invalidation-queue-size 100 # monitor-address PORT # transaction-timeout SECONDS </zeo>

    <filestorage 1> path $INSTANCE_HOME/var/Data.fs </filestorage>

    <eventlog> level info <logfile> path $INSTANCE_HOME/log/zeo.log </logfile> </eventlog>

  7. that's it. start zeo, by running

    path/to/zope/instance$bin/zeoctl start

    then run your zope instance as usual. check the log file at log/event.log and log/zeo.log to see all messages.

    see how easy that is? unlike zope2.x, where we have to get the zeo tar ball, install it (where? which version? etc), do the to all zope instance, prepare the zeo config, etc, etc...

    see the difference?

    i hope to put this into a proper howto to extend the current one i have.

    have a good time with zope and zeo!


    starting with zope-2.7b3, there are changes that areadded to zeo configuration files. does not overwrite existing zeo.conf, which is good, but then we won't know what other defaults are in there, which is bad. but nothing that the source won;t reveal.

    The way i did it, is making a bogus /pathto/bogusdir 8811
    and copying stuff over from /pathto/bogusdir/bin/* to my actual zope instance/bin

    i needed to change some defaults (like where my INSTANCE i) so that i don;t screw up.

    Tip: A good way to start - always run bin/runzeo to see that there's no screwup anywhere. once that runs ok, run normally. then use bin/runzope to check whether stuff is in order. when that works, stop zope and run zope with zopectl.

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