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Where - Malaysia
What - we do zope/plone, linux solution for network, vpn, mail, etc
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Workflow fun with DCWorkflow

by kedai last modified Nov. 19, 03 09:44 AM

i've delayed dealing with workflow since that's an unknown area. however, recent development forced me to dive in head first.

To actually work with DCWorkflow, i need to read, and reread (*10) the DCWorkflow doc from shane.

Did i mention that i have to reread the docs again? ;)

Now, after i understood (i think i understand, but who gives a dang...) the states and transitions stuff, i managed to change the default workflow to anything i wanted.

In essence, i have to know *my* workflow first, before i can translate that to DCWorkflow. once i got my states and transitions defined, everything else falls into place.

But wait, that wouldn't be fun now, right? i was stuck with the workflow guard expression. what the heck is this? i know i need this to set some kind of conditions, and i know i have to use TALES expression, but how do i do it?

Well, googling a few minutes with "dcworkflow expression' and asking at #plone, i got the answer! well, here it is, in all its glory:

python: here.portal_workflow.getInfoFor(state_change.object,'review_state','') == myvar

That's it. believe me.

i'm still groking this workflow thang, and i know i'll stumble again. Actually, give me a few more minutes and i'll come and edit this with some more problems, and probably solutions.

same day, at about 10:05 am. 30 minutes after
To prove i'm right, here's a mustcheck when mucking around with permissions: Update Security Settings!. i repeat, Update Security Settings!

That got me around in circles

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