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kernel 2.6.0

by kedai last modified Dec. 29, 03 10:52 PM

kernel 2.6.0 was released a while back, and i took a few days to try it out.

i tested the kernel on my compaq armada e500, running fedora core 1. note, i did an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade (that would have satisfied the requirements in the README).

downloaded the kernel off, untar|gzip and did a make menuconfig. select what's needed, save, make bzImage;make modules;make modules_install

then copied bzImage from arch/i386/boot to /boot/vmlinuz-2.6

also copied to /boot/

mkinitrd, just in case, changed grub.conf and booted the kernel.

here are some things i discovered that interest me.

  • lvs is in the core kernel. noneed for any patches now. this will help with running LVS as a load balancer. haven't yet tried it with piranha, but i guess it will work.
  • atmel wireless driver is built in too. haven't got this running yet, but will try tomorrow, or when i got some time.
  • alsa. now this is a bit of a pain. haven;t dealt with this but some googling turns out a good reference.

    the doc also have some pointers with the sysfs that's news to me.

  • support for synaptic mouse. now i can use it like in windows.
  • the new iptables? haven't yet tested this thoroughly

all in all, i found the kernel spiffy (for the lack of a word :P). previously, chnaging between X and console would take a few seconds. now it works off the bat.

it's still more of a desktop environment, but i think i'll be using it for my server based install; and we'll see how it goes.

You suck!

Posted by Anonymous User at Sep. 01, 04 08:23 AM

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