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zope 2.7 and LocalFs

by kedai last modified Dec. 30, 03 12:35 PM

After upgrading my zope instance to 2.7, LocalFs stopped working. IIRC, in zope2.6.x, at least an error saying that there's no docstring was given. In zope 2.7, zope returns a Not Found.

No hints at all ablut the missing docstring.

after some googling, it looks like the problem lies with class ObjectWrapper (line 294 for LocalFS-1.0.0).

However, after modifying the said line (giving a docstring), the problem still persists. Much attempts didn't prove fruitful.

my last resort was to check the LocalFS CVS at

i should have started there :P. there i was, assuming that the localFS project was not maintained anymore.

Boy, was i wrong. It looks line the CVS version is up to 1.1.0 already, and that there were many changes. is at version 1.5, instead of 1.1

for those who needs LocalFS, checkout localfs at

or if you don not have cvs access, get LocalFS-1.1.0.tar.gz


Posted by Anonymous User at Jan. 21, 04 02:48 AM

There is actually a tarball for version 1.1 on SourceForge, though it doesn't show up in the regular released files list... here:

LocalFS 1.1 still not working?

Posted by Anonymous User at Apr. 02, 04 12:11 PM
I don't know about you guys, but I tried LocalFS 1.1 on a Zope 2.7 and I still got problems.

I'm using RedHat 7.3, and I'm mapping folders where I've given read-only access to the account that Zope is running under. It doesn't work.
If I give full access to the folder, it seems to work better.

I've been trying to get the latest version from the CVS repository, but I haven't been successful (sorry, I'm CVS-clumsy). Does anybody know where can I find a tarball that contains the latest and greatest?


the tar ball here

Posted by Anonymous User at Apr. 11, 04 10:20 PM
afaik, the tar ball here is the latest and greatest .. since iirc, there's no real new stuff after i did cvs co.

This one

Posted by Anonymous User at Apr. 06, 04 09:51 PM
This one is the only version of LocalFS I could get to work with zope-2.7 on RH 9

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