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Who - kedai (a) kedai . com . my
Where - Malaysia
What - we do zope/plone, linux solution for network, vpn, mail, etc
Document Actions on plone 2

by kedai last modified Jan. 31, 04 10:45 PM

I finally took the plunge, and migrated from plone1.x to plone 2rc5 Some manual tuning was needed, since I used ZopeZen skin previously.

There are a few differences that I noticed while upgrading. There's no more skins. Plone2 comes only with the default skin. And while customizing, I saw some mention of skin switching and I guess I have to dig deeper.

There's "portlet", replacing "slot", i think.

This is my first real encounter with Plone2, fwiw.

Here's how I did it:

  • exported from plone1.x since i've run my other sites on zope2.7
  • imported the zexp
  • migrated to plone 2. here's the message:

    Starting the migration from version: 1.0.4 Attempting to upgrade from: 1.0.4 Upgrade to: 1.0.5, completed Attempting to upgrade from: 1.0.5 Setting type of plone portal to 'Plone Site Creating a quick installer Adding in a group user folder Removing deprecated portal_form_validation tool Setting default page values Turning on syndication Adding document actions Adding action icons Adding cache accelerators Adding cache accelerators Altering skins to reflect plone 2 new skin paths Adding in a control panel Upgrading with new portal factory Adding in new form controller Adding in site actions Moving portraits into the memberdata tool Moving all tools to the new Plone base classes Moving some old templates out of the way, such as header and footer, since these will cause breakage Updating nav tree Adding error log Assigning titles to tools Marking old fs directory views out-dated Setting default skin to Plone Default and removing old skin from portal_skins. Removed: Plone Autumn,Plone Core,Plone Core Inverted,Plone Corporate,Plone Greensleeves,Plone Kitty,Plone Mozilla,Plone Mozilla New,Plone Prime,Plone Zed Updating slots to portlets Setting up calendar tool Fixing portal_undo actions Fixing folder contents action Upgrade to: 2.0-beta2, completed Attempting to upgrade from: 2.0-beta2 Altering my preferences to point at the member preferences panel, bug #1600 Adding in Plone Site type Setting up Plone Site workflow Adding a link for plone setup to the users prefs Upgrade to: 2.0-beta3, completed Attempting to upgrade from: 2.0-beta3 Upgrade to: 2.0-rc2, completed Attempting to upgrade from: 2.0-rc2 Upgrade to: 2.0-rc3, completed Attempting to upgrade from: 2.0-rc3 Setting portal_properties configPortal action.visible to 0 Fixing folder contents action Setting permission of portal_actions rename to Add portal content Setting condition of portal_actions cut to :portal.portal_membership.checkPermission("Delete objects", object) Setting permission of portal_actions copy to View management screens Setting condition of portal_actions copy to python:portal.portal_membership.checkPermission("Copy or Move", object) Setting permission of portal_actions paste to Add portal content Setting permission of portal_actions delete to Delete objects Adding AddToFavorites to portal_actions and portal_actionicons Setting action of portal_membership preferences Setting action of portal_membership preferences Upgrade to: 2.0-rc4, completed Attempting to upgrade from: 2.0-rc4 Change local_roles label to Sharing Upgrade to: 2.0-rc5, completed Attempting to upgrade from: 2.0-rc5 No upgrade path found from 2.0-rc5 End of upgrade path, migration has finished Your ZODB and Filesystem Plone instances are now up-to-date.

the migration was smooth. As said previously, now uses the default plone skin, with some customization.

The good thing about migrating is that I can actually see where the changes are.

That's all there is to it. We'll see how I can customize the site. I need to dive more to get plone2.

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