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Building menu and menubars with Boa-constructor

by kedai last modified Feb. 06, 04 11:14 AM

This is more of a note to self, and probably would help others. I've played with boa-constructors previously, *played* being the operative word. Here's how to create a menubar/menu item with boa-constructor.

I've tried developing with eric/PyQT/Designer, and boa/wxPython. Both have their pros and cons. At this instance, wxPython seems more appropriate since the app I'm building is targeted for Windows users. I want to distribute it with either py2exe or McMillan Installer.

Get boa-constructor

  • let's create a wxApp. it comes with wxFrame1
  • click the blue arrow (to run designer)
  • go back to wxFrame1. the tab should be Data
  • click Utilities(Data). click menuitem, and click at Data area. in this instance, we're going to have a menuitem File (with New/Open/Save/Quit) and About (with About). for File menuitem, clict Constr, and fill in the name/title. Now click Props and click Items. a popup will appear. here we fill in the items (New/Open/Save/Quit). At each, fill in Constr. close when done.

Repeat for other menuitem (About)

  • Now click menubar, and click Data area of wxFrame1. Fill in Constr and Props. Look for Menus, and put in the menuitems we did just now.
  • post all changes to wxFrame1. Run Designer again, and click wxFrame1. Click Props and look for menubar. select the named menubar we created.

that should be it.

statusbar also need these similar steps.

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