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What - we do zope/plone, linux solution for network, vpn, mail, etc
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zope list as a slot

by kedai last modified Mar. 03, 04 02:56 PM

Here's how to use KebasData to get the latest post to the zope list as plone slot.

The source is yahoo group

first, we need go to portal-skins / custom

we need three objects:

  • a KebasData instance (id: zlist)
  • a script Python (as render_method)
  • a page template slot
  1. Instantiate a KebasData instance. let's call it zlist. enter:


    pattern: <font face=.?><a href="(.?)">(.?)</a> - <b>(.?)</b></td>

    start pattern:<!-- Recent Messages -->

    end pattern:form name="searchform"


  2. now, create a Script python with id sc_zlist. fill in the necessary:

    parameters: a,b

    for l,t,u in context.match:

    print <a href="">%s</a> by %s % (l,t,u)

    return printed

  3. Now, we add a slot to call. Create a Page Template with id zlist_slot.

    <!-- The zlist box -->

    <span metal:define-macro="zlistBox" class="box" summary="zopelist" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" i18n:domain="plone" >

    <div class="box">

    <h5 i18n:translate="links_title">Zope List</h5>

    <div class="body"> <div class="content">

    <x tal:replace="structure here/zlist" /> </div> </div> </div> </span>

  4. When that's done, test the KebasData instance (zlist). Initialize, or view to check out if it works.
  5. When that's done, go to plone root, click properites, and enter the following to the slot you want.


  6. We're done. I still haven't make good on my promise to put up some kind of archive or library for such snippets.

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