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Who - kedai (a) kedai . com . my
Where - Malaysia
What - we do zope/plone, linux solution for network, vpn, mail, etc
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KebasData-0.9.0 released!

by kedai last modified Aug. 06, 04 05:43 PM

finally, after more than a year with no updates, version 0.9.0 is released to the wild! it's been so long that some thought KebasData is obsolete ;)

It has been at version 0.8.2 for that long a time because it has been stable. No bugs were reported, and none that i experienced. Until recently.

On highly loaded sites, KebasData will encounter ConflictErrors. And that's bad. Put in a simple ConflictResolution, and voila, no more ConflictErrors. Just a few ReadConflicErrors. But that's ok, according to the experts ;) Follow theis discussion

Some of the changes made for this release:

  • changed indentations, now using 4 spaces instead of tabs
  • use python 2.3.3 socket.setdefaulttimeout
  • _v_* now no longer do self ;))

The package is avaialable at

test em out, and mail me bug reports and patches.

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