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Where - Malaysia
What - we do zope/plone, linux solution for network, vpn, mail, etc
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Multiple storage on zope/Zeo

by kedai last modified Aug. 30, 04 01:30 PM

Zope/Zeo can have multiple storage mounted at anytime. Be default, zope already have two storages mounted ootb (w version 2.7.x); main and temporary_folder. Here's how to add more storage.

Mounting multiple storage in Zope:

Follow through these steps:

  • open instancehome/etc/zope.conf
  • find zodb_db declaration. by default there's one:
      <zodb_db main>
          Main FileStorage database
           path $INSTANCE/var/Data.fs
         mount-point /

add another declaration, specify another and change the filename:

  <zodb_db anotherdb>
      Main FileStorage database
     <filestorage>  #we have a storage of type filestorage
       path $INSTANCE/var/Anotherdb.fs  #path to our new storage
     mount-point /somewhere #where it will be mounted 

  • now open zmi, and add somewhere, and voile, we have another storage mounted.

note: there used to be other type of storages - BerkeleyStorage, OracleStorage, etc. I haven't yet worked with these other implementation, so can;t say much. IIRC, BerkeleyStorage is no longer maintained.

Mounting multiple storage in Zeo:

Almost the same steps are needed. The difference is that some changes are done in zeo.conf::

  • open instancehome/etc/zeo.conf
  • by default, there's a declaration for the main storage (do this on the zeo server):
      <filestorage 1>
        path $INSTANCE/var/Data.fs
  • add another one:
      <filestorage servis>
        path $INSTANCE/var/Anotherdb.fs
  • edit instancehome/etc/zope.conf (at all zeo clients):
      <zodb_db main>
         mount-point /
           storage 1
           name zeostorage
           var $INSTANCE/var
      <zodb_db svcs>
         mount-point /somewhere  #out mount point in zmi
           server   #where the storage is served (our ZSS)
           storage Anotherdb   #our storage name
           name zeostorageservis
           var $INSTANCE/var

we're done. notice that with zeo, we can actually have many zeo servers, and zeo clients can actually mount any storage.

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