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Life and all the rest:::: Blackout! We really had a blackout!!; sung a la Klaus Meine of the Scorpions
Posted at 13.Jan,2005 13:27  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Something happened to the National Power grid, methinks. There's no power for the wjole of Kuala Lumpur and places to the south.

I checked with my wife and got a negative. We live in Sepang, and that's about 50 km south. Checked all connections to branches that are south of KL. Same story.

Something happenned. But what?

**another update**
14:37 hrs

My sister who's at Batu Pahat called saying that there's no power there too. While it seems that Bangsar has its power back, Batu Pahat has not. Sharp (which is at Batu Pahat) went half day today. Power still not restored.

Restoration starts from KL down wards?


It seems that failure of one of the Tenaga transmission lines caused the power disruption.

There's also news that KLIA was affected by the power disruption. BSKL said they're ok, running on backup power generators.

Lucky them.

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