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Life and all the rest:::: How to change a flat tyre
Posted at 01.Nov,2006 14:15  Comments 2 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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It was a refreshingly long holidays. On Oct 21st, we made our way to Johor quite early in the morning, which was a miracle what with the kids and others.

The traffic at the north south highway was quite heavy with lots of buses, cars, bikes and lorries.

A few km from Seremban exit, I suddenly heard a sound, much like a helicopter. Looked up and around and saw nothing.

Dang, got a flat tyre. This is bad, I thought. Made a quick lane change and drove to the emergency lane.

The rear right tyre was flat. Bad, since traffic was zooming by.

Here's what I did::

  • moved to the left of the emergency lane.
  • started the hazard light (thus is the real reason for the hazard light, not during rain)
  • erected the emergency cone about twenty steps from the vehicle
  • started changing the flat. Lucky the spare was A OK and the tools were where it should be.
  • unscrewed the bolts, took out the flat and replaced with the spare. Not sure which way to turn the spanner? ball out your fist with your thumb sticking out. Turn the spanner the way your fingers turned.

that's it.

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Ball out fist?

Ok, I understand this is for people who haven't got righty tighty lefty loosey down yet, however I think you should really point out WHICH hand to ball and point the thumb of......

Andrew  at 07.May,2007 04:41

my bad. you should ball out your right fist :)


kedai  at 07.May,2007 09:18
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