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Linux++:::: FC6 on nx8220: journey starts
Posted at 06.Nov,2006 17:51  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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I skipped two major FC releases (fc4 and 5) and thought about skipping fc 6 too.

However, the support for smart card/sd and newer kernel tempted me to reinstall my nx8220.

The install didn't go as smooth as I wanted. The first time, anaconda b0rked when I tried the advance setting (adding iscsi target).

Had to restart the install. All goes smoothly afterwards. or so I thought.

After all were done, FC6 boots ok. However ,after a few restarts, the ethernet (bcm device) was not detected. Dang!

After much fiddling, adding the hardware address in ifcfg-eth0* make things work again.

Next, I tried installing the ati 8.29 driver. No luck. Even after reading thru stuff at "phoronix": http://www.phoronix.com/redblog/?p=blog&i=NTU1MA

I added atrpms and livna to yum.repos.d, and installed fglrx from livna.

aticonfig --initial --dtop=horizontal --overlay-on=1, and I got myself direct rendering with two heads. Cool.

Next to test are sd/smart card, pptp, vmware, iscsi init, and a few others.

Hope things go well.

All in all, FC6 is a good desktop distro.

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