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python+zope++:: Zope on Ipaq; or how I tried and failed miserably
Posted at 28.Jan,2005 21:23  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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There I was, upgrading my Ipaq 3850 from Familiar 0.7.2 to Familiar 0.8.0. Did a ipkg list > pkg to see what else I can try and install.

Lo and behold, at the end of the list is zope-2.7.1-r0! Wow, imagine zope on an ipaq.

So I did what most would do (or so I think ;)), and did a

ipkg install zope-2.7.1-r0

and zope did not install :(. Tried forcing install, and no depends. Installed OK. Not! No disk space. WTF?

Did a
du -h
; yup, no space left on / but plenty more on /var

Removed and reinstalled with /var as the target. Installed OK, but zope won't run. Python is symlinked to limbo. Back to square one.

That's where I stopped. I need more disk space and more zen. Haven't figured out how to fit everything in so that I can at least compile from source.

As a side note, question to ipaq users; Which distro do you use? Familiar? Intimate? And which WM? Opie? GPE?

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