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Linux++:::: Quicky: Logitech Go webcam on linux
Posted at 11.Feb,2007 20:09  Comments 4 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Got myself a webcam, Logitech Go, or Logitech Express elsewhere.

Initially, I hoped that everything work off the bat. But no dice. A bt of twiddling was needed.

lsusb shows:

  Bus 001 Device 002: ID 046d:092f Logitech, Inc.

I initially compiled and installed qc-usb. That was the wrong one. After a few google search, spca5x was the one I needed.

a yum search spca5x revealed that I should use gspcav1. After installation, plugged in my webcam, and all is peachy.

with kopete, I started a webcam session with someone on yahoo, and all works to perfection!

ain't that cool or ain't that cool!


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What exactly is the model?


Glad to hear u got it working. Mine, unknown webcamera brand ( i got it from my friend). Needed to do try and error in finding the right driver. :)

zamri  at 10.Mar,2007 13:39

as it says, logitech express.

nothing more, nothing less.

i think 046d:092f is important.

kedai  at 13.Mar,2007 18:55

I have the same cam, and with gspcav1 it absolutely doesn't work...how did you do?

TonyB  at 04.Apr,2007 06:00
not much that i did

i yummed the package, connect my cam, launched kopete, and everything works.

what error did you get?

kedai  at 04.Apr,2007 13:04
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