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python+zope++:: RIP: Here lies ZClass, Zope 1.x - 2.8.9
Posted at 20.Apr,2007 13:23  Comments 2 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Yes. It's true. ZClass no longer works with Zope2.9.x (b0rked with "default __new__ takes no parameters") and Zope2.10.x (can't remember the traceback).

There's grok, the caveman, an approach to simplify zope 3. I think, Zope 3 for the common people. I need to look at this, but deploying zope 3 requires more thinking. For the most part, I have no/little experience with Zope 3.

There's no option for zope 2, methinks, except jumping in and developing file system based products, which is not that hard, really.

There's the mxm product that gives us a bit help.

There are also boring products, such as betabug's boring product , a template/tutorial of sort, for those new to file system base product making.

There are also stuff I wrote while trying to learn five .

Grok is inviting. However, have to start small and expand.

Here's to ZClass. So long and thanks for all the fish! You've been good!

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ZClasses should be back

I believe that the "latest" release 2.9.8 has fixed ZClasses. It says so in the "Changes" document, but I haven't tried it.

To tell you the truth, I had started out with ZClasses, but got burned after a while. I went on to python products and never looked back.

betabug  at 06.Jul,2007 20:24
it's alive?

will have to check that out.

i am going to give a "me too" on starting with zclass. it was what got me hooked to zope. nowadays, i do zope products, altho the old way ( no interface, no five, etc).

IMHO, ZClass works if used properly and with moderation :)

kedai  at 07.Jul,2007 17:11
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