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Linux++:::: EDGE Speed: Not as advertised
Posted at 24.Jun,2007 22:25  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Since I lost my Nokia 3110c, I had no other choice but to buy a new one. It came to either buying an S40 phone or the better S60.

The choices are a Nokia 6300 (S40) and a Nokia E65 (S60). I wanted to go for the E65 since I wanted to do some experimenting with python and S60 but the price was prohibitive to me :P.

So I ended up with a Nokia 6300. It's a sleek phone, thin (~14mm) and classy. It also supports Bluetooth 2.0, so accessing the net via PAND as described in my last entry.

Not wanting to wait any longer, I fired up my fc 6, started pand and a surfing I went.

Wikipedia tolde me that I should expect 384 kbps, that's 48kbits 8 slots. Nokia 6300 supports Class 10 and should be able to get 4+2 (48kbps 4 downlink, 2 * 48kbps uplink).

Well, enough with all the talk. Here's what I got. I used jaring's and tm net's speed test. I tested a couple of times and here's the result:

  with digi edge, I can get ~ 72kbps downlink, 70+ kbps uplink.

image image1

Not much, but live-able (is that even a word?). It's like only < 2 channels of the four are used. What's up with that?

Any body got figures for Maxis edge, and Celcoms and Maxis 3G ?

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