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python+zope++:: Zope and ajax/ahah part 4: jquery
Posted at 03.Aug,2007 16:17  Comments 1 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Been a while since I got back to things ajaxy. Got some time to spare, and followed thru on my other ajax/ahah demos

Got to know about jquery from Aizatto. Props to him and his haze.net

Anywho, everything is about the same with jquery. I think jquery approached the problems differently compared to other javascript libraries.

Steps to get things working::

  • include the jquery.js library in our header. And since we're also going to deal with forms and modal pop-up, also include jquery.form.js and thickbox.js (or any of its derivative).:
          <script type="text/javascript"
        <script type="text/javascript"
    <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.form.js"></script> 
  • now tell jquery when things are ready. include these in head too:
       $(document).ready(function(){ //* start
  • fill in the necessary functions or jquery magic:
           //* our get time.  get the time from getDate (a script (Python))
          //*call getInfo, which is a Script(Python) 
          //*that returns html - ahah - do the effects too.  neat
         //our post form example + effects!
            // target identifies the element(s) to update 
           //with the server response 
            target: '#theres', 
            // success identifies the function 
            //to invoke when the server response 
            // has been received; here we apply 
            //a fade-in effect to the new content 
            success: function() { 
  • for modal pop-up, it's all done by thickbox. include the stylesheet, and call it like so:
      <a href="ngku.html?height=400&width=400&modal=true" class="thickbox" title="the video">view video</a> 

Coolness. I guess I'll stick with jquery for all things ajax/ahah.

See all these in action

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test of AHAH with internal javascripts

jQuery http://fullajax.ru/temp/asyncjs/jquery3.png - load page ~ 36.7 second

Fullajax http://fullajax.ru/temp/asyncjs/flax3.png - load page ~ 3.5 second

Ruslan  at 16.Apr,2009 02:34
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