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Life and all the rest:::: end of lazy days
Posted at 21.Oct,2007 18:53  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!

It has been a long and relaxing holidays. Went back for Hari Raya, visited relatives, and had a merry get together.

However, the holidays are also fruitful. Shasha Welter provided a patch for akizmet, which I will release soon. Did a Zope2 product called tandabuku (for now. It will become Markz, later. Or if you guys got a better suggestion, ala KebasData which is a mixture of English and BMelayu.), which is a bookmark that pretends to be del.icio.us like. Ha ha.

tandabuku/markz/noname is still rough. Adding, editing and deleting works. Working on a tag suggestion engine with jquery. Looked for a plug-in high and low, zilch.

If anybody has a working tag suggestion engine, holler. I got a very primitive one running, not with jquery, but tim morgan's mini (which is no longer updated, iirc).

So, aloha lazy days, aloha grinding work days!

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