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Linux++:::: FC6 to F8 in a day (and more)
Posted at 27.Nov,2007 15:55  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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I bit the bullet and upgraded from Fedora Core 6 to Fedora 8. It took a day and more to have a completely working system. Well, the spent tinkering with the system was done during my spare time, so I think that justifies the length to upgrade :P

Initially, F8 DVD refused to boot on my HP nx8220; I have to pass acpi=off for it to boot correctly.

Afterwards, upgrading requires the click of the Next button.

When all packages have been upgraded, notebook rebooted, came the hard part. Getting all the nitty gritty to work is something else.

I think a fresh install would've been better.

Initially, the sound system requires tweaking; i.e finding the required packages. For instance, to get flash support with sound for firefox, I need to install libflashsupport.

Then, my dual screen failed. Turned out I need to use ATI driver. So, enabled Livna, and installed ATI driver. :

  aticonfig --initial=dual-head --screen-layout=right
  aticonfig --dtop=horizontal --overlay-on=1

fixed my dual config.

Now my multimedia keys don't work. This I have not yet solved. I think I can live without for a while, unless anybody got the solutions?

Everything else work great. My previous setup still work - iscsi initiator, xmms, etc.

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