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python+zope++:: Gauging the community behind zope
Posted at 28.Nov,2007 09:19  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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The Zope list was not as active as 3-4 years ago. Maybe people have gotten over the learning curve and are coding happily. Maybe people have moved on. Maybe people go to other zope related lists, e.g plone. Maybe people are asking questions at #zope@irc.freenode.net (which I doubt since #zope is relatively quiet). Maybe people got scared to ask :P

A whole lotta maybes.

One way to see activity is to send in notes, rants, etc re the new new zope.org or documentation or the zope community's health.

IMHO, zope 2 is pretty much alive. Only the community is rather quiet, disparate, or chugging along. Old zope products dated from y2k still runs on the latest zope. Those that don't run requires a little patching, which is not that major. New products are hard to come by. Maybe released at an individual's site or other.

Martijn Faassen's suggestion of setting up a repo for all working zope products is something that can be done immediately; provided no politics are involved, ie svn vs cvs, sf.net vs some other repo, etc.

Re not friendly lists, it's just a mirage. I read somewhere in the zope list that germans tend to be brief and may sound unfriendly.

We're fortunate to have zope gurus like Dieter and andreas answering newbie questions.

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