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python+zope++:: Got Feed? get them with kebasFeed
Posted at 23.Jan,2008 20:51  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Spent some time today making a feed scraper using feedparser

The end result is kebasFeed, v 0.0 This is not for the faint hearted. kebasFeed is really a simple RSS/Atom feed reader that will get the feed fed and add it to zope.

We can then use the entries as we would any other zope object. Display it with DTML, PT or Script (Python). Do other smart thing with js/ajax. Up to your imagination.

Briefly, we add kebasFeed instance, give it the rss/atom url. We set a cron job or windows task scheduler to call the instance/updateRSS method.

kebasFeed is a result of scratching my own itch. It may not satisfy yours, so patches are welcome.

There are some problems dealing with unicode, so pointers are sought. Currently, if we got a feed with encoding other than ascii, kebasFeed will do .encode(ascii,'xmlcharreplace)

Check out the demo

p/s - I didn;t use any five or zope3 way of making products. As always, pointers are welcome.

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