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python+zope++:: A challenge to zopistas that has not been answered
Posted at 21.Mar,2005 17:02  Comments 2 / Trackbacks 1 / Like this post!
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It's been a while since I went to #zope at irc.freenode.net Today, I saw someone asking the community for help in providing examples to a challenge.

Here's the site. In a nutshell, the site owner is trying to
compare-and-contrast exercise to evaluate the strengths and
weaknesses of some of the major Python web application

Read the challenge.

And there are examples from four other frameworks; Twisted, Quixote, CherryPy and WebWare.

I can think of three ways to do this in Zope:
- use RDB, ZSQLMethod, Script (Python), and Page Templates
- use ZCLAss (yeah yeah, I know), Script (Python), and Page Templates
- make a fullblown Python product

Some might cringe at the mention of ZClass, but IMHO, this is the perfect situation where ZClass is good for.

Now, I don't actually have time to do it *right now*, but maybe some time later (which can be never :P)

Hmm, maybe this is a good exercise for those who wants to learn zope.

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Re: A challenge to zopistas that has not been answered

If you'd followed her project (she gave a good talk over here at PyCon), you'd know that it's not the projects that are asked to take that challenge. It's about her simulating a new user coming to a framework trying to implement this "challenge".

Take your time and visit in about 1-2 months when the Zope review will be ready.

Christian Theune  at 25.Mar,2005 00:46
Re: A challenge to zopistas that has not been answered


i noticed that too, after i read the whole site. the moral of the story is to not cut in without any context, and then post with just a quick read.

I saw the topic at #zope (please help; 4 days to pycon, url to her site, with a :( emoticon), and was not really in the conversation thread, scanned her site, and post my thoughts then and there.

I stand corrected.

Anyhow, I think my suggestion paths to solve the problem would work, don't you think?

kedai  at 25.Mar,2005 09:59
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