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python+zope++:: zope: the sad fact
Posted at 18.Apr,2008 22:12  Comments 2 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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It's sad that people got turned off trying to improve documentation. Guessed not everybody has the patience of the zope community, eh.

update Here's the right url, which is much better. Old sites must die!


Maybe it's about time the powers that be do what ever is necessary with regards to the zope online presence, planning be dang.

Repoze, and grok the cave man has a pretty nice site, compared to zope.org

And the wikis are not as active compared to other communities such as django. Maybe because it's zope3 wiki?

I'm one of the slackers too. I'm not that active anymore. Have I given up? Not yet. There is still hope.

Spoken like a true zopista; The patience of the zope community... "P

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agree !

Yes I agree with you completely man. If it wasn't for plone, one of our recent project might not have gone as smooth

Low Kian Seong  at 21.Apr,2008 16:13
plone + the rest

plone is one of the brighter spot in the zope world. plone has better reach and good marketing and online presence.

zope.org should emulate plone. however, zope community is not as active compared to plone community. want proof? go to #plone and #zope, and you'll see the difference.

kedai  at 21.Apr,2008 21:04
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