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python+zope++:: LDAP and Plone: Losing authorization
Posted at 31.Jul,2008 11:07  Comments 4 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Spent a few hours confused with LDAP and Plone. Intalled Plone LDAP Plugin, configured the instance and activated the plugin.

Users can log in, but then lost their authorization; i.e became unauthenticated/anonymous user.

Everything looks ok. But it's actually not ok.

Here's what I did. This will work with either LDAP Multi or Plone LDAP plugin.

  • install python-ldap. Verify we can import ldap
  • Installed the ldapuserfolder, ploneldap, ldapmulti in Products folder
  • restart zope. Instantiate a Plone LDAp/LDAP multi plugin
  • fill in the necessary attributes for LDAP. Note: use uid for "User ID attribute" This was the stumbling block.
  • use top,person for User object classes
  • activate the plugin especially Authentication

We're done.

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Yeah LDAP and plone is a bit of a mess

You might also have some problems with the order of execution for each enabled LDAP plugins. It becomes really obvious when the Properties plugin doesn't pull out mapped attributes.

Russell  at 31.Jul,2008 15:17

I moved plone ldap to the top. But to me, being unauthenticated after login really was frustrating and not knowing what was wrong really make me wanna jump off a cliff :P

kedai  at 31.Jul,2008 19:34

Followed your steps but I still cannot authenticate. Culd somene please explain this phrase to me? I am a bit lost.
-use top,person for User object classes

martin  at 08.Aug,2008 16:40
see comment

screenie at http://myzope.kedai.com.my/blogs/kedai/pix/ldap.png


kedai  at 08.Aug,2008 22:02
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