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Linux++:::: Pitch for Pia, v2.0
Posted at 08.Nov,2008 19:28  Comments 3 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!

On my way back from foss.my, I kept on thinking about the pitch I gave. Not good.

If I can turn back time, or if Pia accepts v2.0, here it is:

Three points:

  • I contribute to some foss projects, namely zope in code, docs, etc
  • I have a lug-book - bought in 03, weighs 4 kg, with about 1-2 hrs battery life
  • I spent hours travelling, twidlling my thumb or just surfing with my mobile.

Now, if I were to get the OLPC, I have more time to contribute! Easier on my back too.

So, howsabout it?

BTW, foss.my (at least the afternoon part that I attended) was great. Python bof was cut short and I hope kaeru and the others can continue the session tomorrow? I'd to pick some brains - kaeru's, oscc guys re plone, etc.

However, I didn't get all my schwags. Bummer :P

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it was nice meeting you bro after such a long time :-). See u again tomorrow.

adli  at 08.Nov,2008 20:54
you too

been a while, eh. although we live near each other.

also, good pitch! but not as good as the tux kid. hehe. next time i'll get my troops!

kedai  at 08.Nov,2008 22:29
Interested in OLPC

If you're interested to contribute in OLPC, let me know.


19zim  at 18.Dec,2008 22:04
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