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Linux++:::: A patient guy, I am not!
Posted at 06.Apr,2005 20:35  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Got my self a spanking new notebook, a HP nx82xx. Was undecided with a distro to use. have been using RH and FC for as long as I can remember. Dabbled a bit with gentoo and debian. Got a few servers with gentoo inside.

Installing gentoo on servers is bearable. Installing gentoo on a notebook, where X and KDE (or some other WM) is needed is unbearable.

I booted gentoo and decided on a stage2 install. Everything went nicely. And it's churning, and churning, and churning ..

Dang, my shiny box. How I'd like to touch thee ;)

Then, a Ctrl c, and a fedora install later, I'm enjoying the box. HMMM....

Said to myself, "with apt-get for rpm, and dag and freshrpms repo, I can manage. Anyway, I usually install from source .."

Dang, a patient guy I am not.
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