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Linux++:::: mscosconf: afterthoughts
Posted at 05.Jun,2009 22:56  Comments 2 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Had a blast attending mscosconf. Met online only friends. Now real life friends.

Met noted speakers; @anthonybaxter, dibona, @benbalbo, mark rees aka @hexdump, bsd guys and learned quite a lot.

Hackathon day - went to security track with mahmud. Too many bodies with no notebook. Not good.

Went to mostly developer tracks. However, not all developer tracks are tech enough, methinks. Some are too introductory.

Liked the always full of energy azrul talk; friendly jab with low in the django track and more.

Attend a few community tracks; one with @gen, one with zonestraits (salute)

Skipped most of the executive tracks, except for the security track.

The food was so-so. Didn't eat that much.

Some things that could do better. Note that it's easy to complain and not do anything about it. Sorry that I can't do anything about it (i.e help)

I think it's ok to have closed source stuff at the conference, but as @yoonkit put it , it'd be better if the end result is for the better OSS.

In the spirit of OSS, I think all, if not most (99.999%) services should be using OSS, web servers, office suite, etc, etc. Otherwise, we really missed the point.

With that, although osdc.my runs joomla, I think opensocial (+1) would be a better choice, or the very least google friend connect (+1/2), to socialize a web site. Making use of Facebook connect: +-0

Maybe it's not too late yet? Since the site is meant for developers, maybe a sandbox to try and put opensocial/google friend connect?

Maybe organizer could arrange a number of tutorials (1-2 hrs) during the hackathon day for future conference.

All in all, looking forward to the next conference.

benbalbo + anthonybaxter lightning talk

p/s - Here's the link to the slides I use for the lightning talk: zope2 in 5 mins

For a first time lightning talk, I guessed I did so-so. :P

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salam bro, i guess we didn't cross path this time :-) . Was there for a little bit!

adli wahid  at 06.Jun,2009 00:00
i was there

but can't get through your bodyguards! ;) was hoping to catch up and say assalamu'alaikum.

was with yomutz tho.

kedai  at 06.Jun,2009 10:24
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