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Linux++:::: USB linux
Posted at 05.May,2005 13:33  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Been a while since I last post. Was quite busy with stuff.

Had a bit of time and a new 1 GB thumbdrive, and the first thing that came to mind (apart from "ooh, big space for my mp3s/naruto avis"), is putting linux on the usb thumbdrive and booting off it.

A few tries resulted in failure. Tried Damn small linux, but failed. Another try with feather linux, failed again.

The third try is a charm. After further reading, it seems that syslinux v 3.x won't work correctly. Dang. That's what I used![1]

So, went to kernel.org and got syslinux v2.11 (which everybody says works great). And lo and behold, it does work great!

Now I have a handy linux on a USB thumbdrive to boot off of, provided the target machine can boot off of USB :P

Good for troubleshooting and being bad ;)

[1] - http://fuzzymunchkin.dyndns.org/tdot/usbkeyfob/
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