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Linux++:::: DHD: Changing ROMS like changing spenda
Posted at 02.May,2011 19:04  Comments 1 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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It's been about a month ++ since I dived into custom roms. And it has been a blast.

Initially, I changed ROMs like changing spenda; daily. sometimes twice r thrice daily.

Now, I am on CM7 for more than two weeks now. I thought I could never live without sense.

I was wrong.

Here's what I have:

  • Go launcher with all Go stuff/widgets that come with it
  • lordmodhd kernel - OC (122 - 1035); I could OC more, but haven't found the reasins to do so
  • apps from the market; moboplayer, swype ( i like), dropbox, twicca, springpad, sl4a + python, rom manager, dplphin browser hd, gscript lite (to get srs!). dsp manager, supermanager, fancy widget, camera360, appbrain, market enabler, to say a few

The combination of dsp manager and srs is awesome!

I think CM7 will be my main ROM; until I find another. And there a lot to choose from now with the latest htc gingerbread rom

To test:

  • Android revolution 5.x
  • RHCmix hd 6.x
  • leedroid 3.x
  • and probably mdj's ROMs

I do not regret jumping into custom ROMs. Join us?

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I use Go too

Go products are pretty cool eh.. :)
I love using swype too.

Abdullah Zainul Abidin  at 04.May,2011 00:09
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