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Linux++:::: Virtualization: the pain and gain with xen and vmware
Posted at 13.Dec,2011 11:41  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Virtualizing hosts are the norm now. With linux we have a few options:

  • kvm
  • xen
  • vmware

I've tried xen and kvm, and have a few hosts+guests on xen.

I've run vmware esxi too, and have a few hosts+guests too.

The thing with xen is that i can access the guests thru command line, which is a plus compared to accessing vmware guests. Unless there's a way to access via command line that I dont know of.

Also, with vmware I need to have a windows box around, and I have to install one vm to manage these guests.

Coupled with slow connection, the command line way is a plus. However, the vmware client is easier for the novice (i.e me).

Anyway, all these led to this:

All xen guests sync their datetime to the host. If the host lags, then all guests will lag too. Even when we change the datetime manually, it will sync with dom0 and be lagging or different again.

So, moral of the story is, keep the host clock synced!

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