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Life and all the rest:::: GTI8150 ROM xxlm8 stock deodexed
Posted at 28.Apr,2012 00:13  Comments 15 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Got my kid a Galaxy W GTI8150 phone. About time I packaged a ROM for it.

So, here it is, stock xxlm8 deodexed, rooted, with maps + navigation 6.6, gtalk with video, and lidroid 14 toggles + crt + % battery.

If there's no mobile network, check your APNs.

Some Samsung apks were removed; Sns* SocialHub etc Thanks to dsixda, and all galaxy w devs. me? i just package em :

  Android OS version             : 2.3.6
 Device                         : GT-I8150
 Model                          : GT-I8150
 ROM Name                       : kedai-xxlm8-kang
 CSC version                    : I8150OXXLC2
 Rooted (Superuser.apk + su)    : YES
 Rooted (unsecured boot.img)    : YES
 BusyBox installed              : YES
 BusyBox run-parts support      : YES
 Apps2SD (Apps to EXT) enabled  : NO
 /data/app enabled              : YES
 Custom boot animation allowed  : NO
 Nano text editor installed     : NO
 Bash shell support             : YES
 /system/framework is deodexed  : YES
 /system/app is deodexed        : YES
 radio.img found                : NO
 ROM will wipe all data         : NO

Download part1 part2 part3

or from mediafire

or from uploadedto, one single file ..yay

or part1 at uploaded.to

and google quick search push this thru root explorer/es file manager/astro or adb

how to install:

you must already have recovery.

  • boot to recovery - full wipe - install from zip


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i love this rom -thank you

Naina  at 30.Apr,2012 11:05

you're welcome. great that it is of use elsewhere

kedai  at 30.Apr,2012 16:13

may i know this rom save baterry or not..

usih  at 01.May,2012 03:40

depends. give it a go. flash and use a few days then can see

kedai  at 01.May,2012 17:34

all link for part1 (mediafire n box) cannot use. the link in the UPLOAD also cannot use.
can you give another link for part1?

hassan  at 05.May,2012 17:30

why i cannot install google voice search??

wan  at 09.May,2012 02:31
part 1 and search

added part 1 at uploaded to
and google quick search

kedai  at 09.May,2012 12:59
I have deodexing error

whould you please share how you deodexing stock xxlm8?
I have error on deodexing GoogleQuickSearchBox, Maps, PhoneSky, did you get this error to, how did you solve it?

Bandel  at 11.May,2012 00:02
got error too

so, i just deleted and got those apks from other rom, e.g xxlm6. usually there are no diff :P

kedai  at 11.May,2012 23:08

prior in installation, do i need to join the three files in mediafire? if yes, how?

Krato  at 19.Jun,2012 18:21

use winrar to extract. in the end you'll get the whole zip

kedai  at 21.Jun,2012 12:18

is this ROM same with F.A.W ROM on xda?

alfred  at 11.Jul,2012 18:01
Same base methinks

But different chef

Kedai  at 21.Jul,2012 12:04
Packet Data Problem

Cannot use packet data. Why? I activated packet data but nothing happen. No data network.

Keroro  at 12.Nov,2012 13:19
manually add apn

to get mobile data

kedai  at 19.Dec,2012 17:36
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