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Linux++:::: Cook a rom with dsixda kitchen part 1
Posted at 13.May,2012 22:09  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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These are general instructions on cooking your own ROMs.

We need a base. We can choose stock ROMs, custom ROMs or nandroid backups as a base.

For Samsung ROMs, we can get stock ROMs from sammobile.com or samsung-updates.com

For HTCs, get em from shipped-roms.com

The easiest is to use other custom ROMs or your nandroid backups as your base.

Once we have a base, we need to deodex if the ROMs are odexed. If we don't plan to theme, then we can skip this step.

After we're done customizing, we need to zipalign more , edify, zip and sign the ROMs.

All these are easy with dsixda kitchen

Dsixda kitchen works with windows vista/7, linux and os x for htc and samsung ( and a few others).

I've run dsixda kitchen on linux (fedora/ubuntu)

Android is linux, and knowing linux is a good thing. here's a tutorial to get started.

Part 2 of this article will introduce the use of dsixda kitchen.

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