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python+zope++:: Impending Zope 2.8 release and the ZClass bug
Posted at 11.Jun,2005 09:38  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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I tested creating and intantiating zclass on both zope 2.8 beta and failed.

Filed a bug report. There was a small discussion at zope-dev

And today while checking my mail, I got a followup on the issue I filed. It was from Jim, with a patch.

So, I downloaded Zope-2.8b2 again, installed, patched and tested the bug.

Yes, initial test shows ZClass now works. That's good news. However, I need to really test this out with our current apps (most are ZClasses) this coming Monday.

I really appreciate zope.com and zope developers (thanks Jim!!!) commitment in ZClass although many thinks ZClass is a bomb not a boon to zope.

I really look forward to using Zope 2.8. Should I wait for 2.8.1? or jump in now?

We'll see. Need to prepare my chute! ;)

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