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python+zope++:: The OOTB Syndrom/Feature
Posted at 23.Dec,2004 12:21  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Out Of The Box, or OOTB for short, is a much touted feature in any software or product.

What OOTB gives us is instant gratification. "Look ma, no hands!" sorta feeling.

For example, let's look at CoreBlog. OOTB, it works. There's no need for customization. Or reading the docs that come with it.

Another example is Plone. This is another product that just *works* OOTB. Instant gratification.

Now, comes the bad (bad may be a strong word) point. Since it's so easy to setup and run, there's little or no customization done.

Let's look at CoreBlog again. See how many CoreBlogs instances look the same?

See tomster.org. And see this site. Notice anything similar? ;)

Look at Plone sites too. We can see the plonishness of the sites.

Customization is really hard work. We need to understand how things work, where the knobs are, etc, etc.

I guess it all comes to individual needs and requirements.

Note: For CoreBlog users, there's a ZPT skin that's downloadable, and pretty much customizable. All are controlled by the style sheets.

And as a bonus, MoveableType styles can be dropped in place. Here's a few Moveabletype styles.

I've tried only a few of the styles, and some works OOTB ;), while others need some modification.

Guess which styles I chose?

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