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Linux++:::: DiY DVD from avi: doing it with Linux
Posted at 06.Aug,2005 13:01  Comments 6 / Trackbacks 1 / Like this post!
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Got that special moment captured on tape? Or that avi downloaded off the net?

Burn it to a (s)vcd or dvd. It's actually easy in linux nowadays! What we need is lots and lots of space. And if you have no or little patience, fast cpu and lots of rams.

Here's what's needed (includes all the dependencies):

  • tovis (tovid.sf.net) (thanks Innocent Bystander for the heads up)
  • dvdauthor
  • k3b
  • blank cd/dvd

With FC3 and an apt repo setup (atrpms/dags/dries/freshrpms/newrpms), an apt-get install is enough. Well, except for tovid. That we need to build from source.

tovid has great documentation and easy setup (provided we have the necessary dependencies).

Once installed, run tovid:

  tovid -dvd -wide -pal -in myspecmoment.avi -out mydvd

tovid --help will explain more. Once the output is done, which may take a while depending on the length of your video, run postproc to cut down the size.:

  postproc -parallel -shrink 1.6 mydvd.mpeg

I ran it a couple of times to shrink it.

Now, makexml:

  makexml mydvd.mpg dvdlayout


  makexml mydvd.mpg mymovie.mpg anothermovie.mpg dvdlayout

With dvdauthor, we do:

  dvdauthor -x dvdlayout

this will create the necessary layout in dvdlayout directory. Once this is done:

  • open k3b
  • new > dvd video
  • move the necessary files from dvdlayout/video_ts to k3b video_ts

Then, burn baby burn!

This is the simplest way of doing it. No menus. nothing. I'll checkout including menus when and if necessary, but simple is good.

Have fun!

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Re: DiY DVD from avi: doing it with Linux

Thank you for this "tutorial", this is the kind of information I was searching for.


Gaud  at 12.Aug,2005 12:58
Re: DiY DVD from avi: doing it with Linux

no problem

great to know the entry is of help to someone :)

kedai  at 12.Aug,2005 20:15
Re: DiY DVD from avi: doing it with Linux

after installing tovid and finally all its dependencies, i use slackware 10.1 and was missing about 10 libs etc which weren't easy for me to find or install(i'm new to linux), i found this little tutorial very useful.

kungpow  at 29.Aug,2005 03:46
dependency hell ;)

i used to do slackware way back when .. 1995/96

nowadays, i use fc/rh/deb/gentoo with apt-get/yum/emerge.

i think slack have those too.

kedai  at 29.Aug,2005 22:53

It's tovid.sf.net, not tovis.sf.net.

Innocent bystander  at 21.Oct,2005 03:16
DVDFab Express

thanks for DVDFab Express
, it solve my problem!


orange  at 05.Apr,2006 10:27
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