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python+zope++:: I18n Zope3.1: call for help
Posted at 16.Aug,2005 23:21  Comments 2 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Zope3.1 is I18n ready. And with that foreword, I'm calling all to help in the translation. I'm currently trying to translate for ms-my (Malay).

Those interested, read this , get a launchpad login, select your language(s) and translate away.

I'm translating TTW, which may be slow but since I'm translating internittently, it's for the better, methinks.

Translation is hard work. And I appreciate those who worked their a** out translating any thing. Really. We salute you!

BTW, launchpad.com is running Zope3.x, methinks. It's one cool web app to demonstrate zope.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

See you there!

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Re: I18n Zope3.1: call for help

I believe your wrong. All the links end in .php

Edward Muller  at 18.Aug,2005 02:23
my bad.. it's launchpad.net

yup, launchpad.net has the tell tale sign of a zope 3 with the peculiar urls

launchpad.com is a php site

kedai  at 18.Aug,2005 09:24
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