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python+zope++:: Migration 2.7.x -> 2.8.1: Failed
Posted at 01.Sep,2005 16:32  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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I decided it was high time I upgrade to Zope2.8.1. Steps taken:

  • packed and exported the Data.fs
  • moved Data.fs to zope2.8.1 instance home
  • start zeo server and client
  • need to convertIndexes all y Catalogs. did a script to find all ZCatalogs:
      objs = self.ZopeFind(container,
  • something not right with my ZClasses. I think one of the base class not working right. The ZopeFind script b0rked. Scratch that.
  • manually manage_convertIndexes all catalogs. Some are OK, some are not (clearing or updating the catalog will result in a _length attribute error, even after manage_convertIndexes. This later worked after I did my migrate hack; check previous post)
  • after all that, my dtml methods that iterate through catalog brains b0rked if the dtml-in has sort as an attribute
  • after a couple of hours, aborted the upgrade, created a small test case for the problem. Filed at the collector:

No upgrade for now. Will have to wait till the bug is resolved.

Meanwhile, I need to check out the ZClass trouble :P

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