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Linux++:::: Hackinthebox: Day 1
Posted at 26.Sep,2005 20:12  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Day 1 has come and gone. Not what I expected. I expected more, but got not so much for the first day.

First off, we paid much and got a piece of paper, that needs to be returned the second day :P. It's the feedback form. No bag, or shirt, or even the schedule. Maybe because our check was not cleared yet. I don't know.

And I think I chose the wrong class. Don't get me wrong. The instructor is ok, but the class moved slowly. I would have thought that all should have basic networking knowledge. I should've taken wardriving. I dunno. I wanted to take hacking by numbers, but it was not in the menu when I registered :P

We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Maybe I'm rushed in my judgement, and would be happy to be proven wrong.

And I don't get to meet the guys, whom I can beg to pour out some hacking skill.

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