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Linux++:::: Hackinthebox: Day 2
Posted at 27.Sep,2005 22:03  Comments 6 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Things are looking up. Great to have time for some hands on. That's what missing. Although it's done in a controlled environment.

However, even in such environment, (cr|h)acking is really something hard. Executing tools and sploits is one thing, but to understand and go through the motion is another.

Met with Amy Ong (?), one of the organizer. Nice gal. Tried to beg for a tshirt, but was shot down :). next time, I'll try and bribe her for one :))

Lunch today is a bit better. Unlike yesterday, when I felt like a goat :P

Met a few of the guys, Adli (whom I shall seek tomorrow for some hands on).

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maxwell  at 27.Sep,2005 23:17
Re: Hackinthebox: Day 2

erm, I don't think so :P

kedai  at 29.Sep,2005 21:52

No bribing necessary - all you have to do is be the first to sign up for next year's conf and I'll personally set aside a T-shirt for you :) Either that, or join us volunteers next year and get a free crew T-shirt.

That way as part of the crew you also get to shoot down others who ask for a free T-shirt :P

(Actually I don't recall shooting you down - I recalled offering to buy you the T-shirt, but you declined!)

Amy  at 14.Oct,2005 18:23

hehe .. I was not about to let you pay for it. not gentleman like :))

btw, thanks for all the help

kedai  at 14.Oct,2005 23:44

No thanks necessary, it was great to be able to hang out and talk to gentleman-like attendees. :))

See you next year?

Amy  at 18.Oct,2005 10:26
next year...

if the company pays for it sure, else have to resort to volunteering part time. can ah?

kedai  at 18.Oct,2005 12:15
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