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python+zope++:: hacking COREBlog for Members only post
Posted at 28.Dec,2004 12:57  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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COREBlog is great for users with zope background. What about normal users, though?

While trying to get a blog for a community, asking users to go to ZMI (via /manage) is a no no, as I found out.

There are too many things there that did not fit community blogging.

What's needed for community blogging is only the Entry form. Nothing else, methinks

Simplify everything.

To that end, I tried hacking COREBlog. In a sense, I managed to get a Members only posting working.

Here's how to do it:

  • Apply this diff to COREBlog.py

    Diff file

    i changed the redirect to URL1, instead of manage_entryForm (which needs Manager role).

    Also, changed the manage_addEntryForm permission to AddCOREBlogEntry, instead of ManageCOREBlogEntry.

    This way we can put a link to add entry.

  • Then run a diff on dtml/manage_addEntryForm.dtml
    diff file

    The changes are only cosmetic. Nothing much

  • Restart zope

  • Go to ZMI, change the necessary permissions (Add COREBlog Entries) for aprropriate roles (Member, Manager)

  • Optional: get CookieCrumbler, for web login forms

  • We're done.

    The next step is getting Member only comments.

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    Re: hacking COREBlog for Members only post

    I think CoreBlog need more work
    For example:

    Modify the moblog module to process correctly mails with more than one image

    Create good and clear blog API's


    Garito  at 29.Dec,2004 23:21
    COREBlog moblog..

    I haven't tried moblogging, so cannot say much. But i guess I'll try it when I get the time

    kedai  at 31.Dec,2004 09:19
    Post a comment