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python+zope++:: Zope2.7.x -> 2.8.3: success!
Posted at 19.Oct,2005 13:36  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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This morning, I went through with the planned upgrade of my sites running zope2.7 to zope 2.8. However, as I were about to upgrade, I noticed that Zope 2.8.3 is available. What the hey.

The ChangeLog informed that docutil was missed in the zope 2.8.2 release.

Well, lucky I had not started yet :P A download, a transfer to all zope instance and a configure;make;make install and everything is set.

Initially I had trouble migrating to 2.8.0/1. Namely with catalogs and dtml-in with sort attribute. I think the catalog issue is resolved. The dtml-in with sort attribute, I had to do a workaround. Instead of iterating catalog brains and sorting in dtml-in, I did the sorting in a script python. That seems to resolve the problem.

converting my catalogs is done via a script python with these:

  catlist = container.ZopeFind(context,   obj_metatypes=['ZCatalog'],search_sub=1)

   for objid, obj in catlist:
     print objid
   return printed

That took care of all the catalogs. Now I just need to monitor for things I might miss. We'll see whether there's a need to revert or not.

Summary: upgrading is a cinch with zope 2.7 +, when instance_home is used.

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