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Linux++:::: slmodem trouble?
Posted at 05.Nov,2005 09:25  Comments 1 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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During this raya, tried connecting to tm 1515. And the previous slmodem install didn't work. I thought I got things done already.

Then I remembered; I ugraded to kernel 2.6.12 and never did redo the slmodem install. And I grabbed the 2.9.9c tar ball, make, make install. Yes, it didn't work.

Something about something else grabbed the device. Googleing showed the need for ungrap-winmodem. But that failed too. Not sure what I missed. Treid compiling in alsa support. That worked ok, but I got "no carrier". This really gets me.

After more googling, got to the slmodem archive , get the 2.9.11 (which is really 2.9.10pre1a), and use alsa support.:

   ./slmodemd -a -d -c MALAYSIA

That works great. And now I'm online!


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It worked fo me TOO

It worked fo me TOO, I installed the driver and my internet connection is working NOW!

Thank YOU!

Bruno  at 14.Apr,2006 22:04
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