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python+zope++:: Tiny steps with Five
Posted at 25.Dec,2005 23:07  Comments 5 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!

It's a long weekend. Got nothing better to do, so I spent some time grokking Five.

To do that, I have to cross reference between many documentation:

And what do I get after all this? I think I get what interfaces and Views are, and where it is in Five. I still can't get adapter, and how it fits. The plone and five tutorial has some mention about it, but I think I need to reread the references above.

If anybody has a real world example for a simpleton like me, then I thank you.

Here's my Five hello product. Tested on Zope 2.8.3+

Step 1:

Require the package. In this case, it's a directory in INSTANCE_HOME/Products/ola

Step 2:

Require the __init__.py :

  import hello

  def initialize(context):

        constructors = (hello.manage_addHelloForm,

Step 3:

Draft out the interfaces:

  from zope.interface import Interface

  class IHello(Interface):

    def manage_editHello():
        """edit hello instance"""

    def returnGreetz():
        """return greetings, accept nothing"""

Step 4:

have the main class, in this case, ola.py:

  class Ola:

    def __init__(self, greetz, subject):
        """init wih greetz and subject"""
        self.greetz = greetz
        self.title = self.subject = subject

    def returnGreetz(self):
        """return the greetings"""
        return "%s %s!" % (self.greetz, self.subject)

Step 5:

Now the zope wrapper, hello.py. Everything is pretty much the same as any Zope2 product. See the ZDG for more information:

  from zope.interface import implements
  #import persistent
  from OFS.SimpleItem import SimpleItem
  #from Products.PageTemplates.PageTemplateFile import    PageTemplateFile
  from interfaces import IHello
  from Globals import DTMLFile, HTMLFile
  from AccessControl.Role import RoleManager
  import ola

  class Hello(ola.Ola, SimpleItem):
    """my hello"""

    meta_type = 'Hello'

              {'label' : 'Edit', 'action' : 'editHelloForm', 'help': ('KebasData
            ) + SimpleItem.manage_options

    def __init__(self, id, greetz='hello', subject='world'):
        """the init"""
        ola.Ola.__init__(self, greetz, subject)
        self.id = id
        #self.greetz = greetz
        #self.subject = subject
        #self.title = subject

    def manage_editHello(self, greetz, subject, REQUEST=None):
        """edit hello item"""
        self.greetz = greetz
        self.subject = subject

        if REQUEST is None:
            return \
                REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(REQUEST['URL1'] + '/manage_main')

  manage_addHelloForm = DTMLFile(
    "www/helloAdd", globals(),
    __name__ = 'manage_addHelloForm')

  def manage_addHello(self, id, greetz, subject, REQUEST=None):
    """the constructor"""
    id = self._setObject(id, Hello(id, greetz, subject))

    if REQUEST is None:
    REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(REQUEST['URL1'] + '/manage_main')

Step 6:

Now the ZCML, configure.zcml. Get the Five directives at codespeak. I'm not quite sure whether I need to have OFS.Folder.Folder traversable. And I have only understand a few of the directives. We define the Views, permissions, and other stuff (what?) here or some other separate files.:

  <configure xmlns="http://namespaces.zope.org/zope"

  <five:traversable class="Products.ola.ola.Ola" />




This works, as you can see from this screeny

I welcome comments and feedback, especially on adapters and browsers.py. Never too late to learn.

If this shows my lack of understanding, please correct me :))

Be a fool to be cool?

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Thanks, this was helpful. However the product as posted here is not complete. The forms for add and edit are missing as well as the index_html page template. I could get it to work (after fixing up the indentation because of the copy/paste mess up).

In the zcml file it seems to me that
five:traversable class="Products.ola.ola.Ola"
could be replaced by
five:traversable class=".hello.Hello"
but both versions seem to work.

paulus  at 27.Jan,2006 08:57
no pt for the eg

was intentional :P

i could have supplied the tar ball though.

i'll scrape things up and put it in.

as for the five:traversable directive, i'm not sure why both ways work, but my gut feeling is that both classes are traversable?


kedai  at 27.Jan,2006 21:18

Thinking about it, it seems to me that if the Ola class is traversable then the Hello class is as well, just be cause of inheritance. After all an instance of the Hello class is an instance of Ola as well. The same isn't true the other way around: an Ola instance is not an Hello instance.

So I guess it just depends on what you are after. If you have multiple classes all inheriting from Ola and you want them all be traversable, then making Ola traversable is the proper way to go. Otherwise you have to be more specific and pick which derived classes need to be traversable.

paulus  at 30.Jan,2006 07:52
makes sense

and if you do grok the other five directives, do tell.


kedai  at 01.Feb,2006 18:09
better tutorial

with better explanation, from a guy with more zen points :)


kedai  at 21.Mar,2006 12:08
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