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python+zope++:: Akizmet: it does catch comment spam!
Posted at 03.Jan,2006 22:55  Comments 4 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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When I installed Akizmet (which uses akismet.py and akismet the service), I have about 50% confidence that it'll catch comment spam.

Why? Because tests show that it didn't actually work all the time.

However, real life shows that we cannot really trust tests done in controlled environment :P. Although no tests makes things worse.

After I installed Akizmet, I have a few comment spams that was caught.[1] And that made me believe on the effectiveness of akismet.

There are still a few bugs in Akizmet[2], but I have not found a time to fix it. But it will be done soon.

[1] akizmet snapshot

[2] akizmet-0.2

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I'm really pleased to see that you're working on this. It's a really important contribution to the Zope blogging infrastructure. I hope that Zope/Plone blog product developers pick this up and put it into their products so that it can be used "out of the box" by less-skilled users.

Jon Stahl  at 06.Jan,2006 12:53
input welcome!

I really welcome input from others. Especially about making it easier to others.

I will add an entry about this, as soon as I think it out..

kedai  at 06.Jan,2006 15:10

Hey, this is awesome. I am still a little new to zope/plone et al, but have noticed a serious lack of comment spam control. I have a quick question. Will this work with squishdot?

Dusty Bradshaw  at 26.Dec,2006 10:01
it will work

but ymmv

we just need to specify the necessary methods/actions involved.

kedai  at 29.Dec,2006 16:08
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