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python+zope++:: Which python web framework?
Posted at 28.Jan,2006 09:44  Comments 5 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Guido van Rossum asked the million dollar question. To me, at least.

Which python web framework? And up until this post, 56 comments were up. Yesterday, there were only 22 :P.

And Zope only got one mention? And there are a lot of python web framework around. And I guess there are still more in the pipeline.

The comments may not represent the whole python community, but if we take first impression, it seems TG and django has the most votes.

What's wrong with Zope? Zope has been around for a long time. It's stable. It has a lot of dedicated community support behind it. It has zope corp. Documentation has improved much. Zope has presentation and logic separation down right, imo.

A bad taste in the mouth (in the early zope years with the Z shaped learning curve) may be the reason people don't give Zope another chance.

The Zope community needs to buck up and wipe away the tarnished image. What can we do?

And I wondered why Guido didn't look at Zope3; or maybe he did but Zope 3 never qualified since Zope 3 didn't the requirement he listed.

And I can't wait to see what Guido uses. Or will he build a new one? ;)

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thanks for the links. I love python web framework debates. yeah ... can't wait for guido's choices too :)

k4ml  at 28.Jan,2006 11:13

IMHO if guido into web programming, python is more of php'ish instead of perl'ish :p

linuxlah  at 29.Jan,2006 22:00
the chosen framework

will benefit from guido's endorsement, or not. if guido uses it and it works great, then yeah. if guido uses it and it sucks rox, then, no. :P
i just regret that guido never really need to use web framework when he was with zope.corp; although he did look at zope in some respect.

and linuxlah, if guido uses python for web, it'll be pythonic :))

kedai  at 29.Jan,2006 23:29

I've always thought zope was 'the' web framework for python. I've never coded in Python (for web apps) but I think Ruby in Rails marketing got ppl to start in thinking again about 'frameworks' :-) .

currently i'm just happy to work with the metapsploit framework hehe

adli  at 30.Jan,2006 12:50
once upon a time

now, we can only see the RoR hype. I guess, good things will last. we'll see how zope weather this storm

as for metasploit - it is *the* framework for hackers like your self :))

kedai  at 30.Jan,2006 23:16
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