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python+zope++:: Screencast: installing Zope on Windows
Posted at 21.Mar,2006 10:12  Comments 2 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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This is my first real screencast. It's nothing much. Most people can do this with their eyes closed.

However, if anybody feels that they need to see it to believe it, here's the screencast.

I'll add more when I got time. Suggestions to topics to cover is welcome.

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Zope on windows

Nice post. Would be interesting to add that starting zope manually can also be done by launching $instance/bin/runzope.bat.

As a plone user wishing to install many zope versions on my dev windows machine, I banged my head against environment variables many times. I tended to install Zope not as a service so I could go quietly change the port Zope was on (e.g. 8085 for Zope 2.9, 8082 for Zope 2.8 ...) and launch manually. My next step is to configure different Zope versions as services, but running under different *users*. Hopefully, I can use user-defined environment variables (e.g. PYTHONPATH) that will allow me to have real development sandboxes, which is currently hard to get under windows.

Thanx for the cast !

Yves Moisan  at 22.Mar,2006 20:54
what, command line

on windows? ;)

yeah, should have shown that too.

running many instances with newer zope (2.8 ++) is easier. we can define the port number and others in instance/etc/zope.conf

kedai  at 22.Mar,2006 22:32
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