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python+zope++:: Screencast: Getting Zope and ZEO to tango
Posted at 24.Mar,2006 22:58  Comments 3 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Here's a screencast about installing, setting up, and running zeo and zope.

The notes that can go with this screencast was done a while back

Funny (unbelievable) that the steps needed never really changed since zope 2.7.x

Have a look see and witness the ease of scaling (and debugging ..sorta) zope.

Can you believe that ZEO once cost USD 25k? Thank you ZC for open sourcing ZEO!

Playing with zope from the python interpreter is really fun and builds that zope zen most are looking for.

I plan to have a screencast showcasing what we can do in the python interpreter. Although I can't think of anything speacial, apart from adding stuff from the interpreter.


p/s pyvnc2swf is really fun, easy and addictive! I never imagined this. Thanks go to the author Yusuke Shinyama

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Screencasts page on zope.org

I just created a page
- this lets us collect links to Zope related Screencasts on zope.org. I already added your Screencasts, feel free to readd the links in your own member area (at least to get rights on editing the description text) - i'll remove any double entries if necessary.

Thanks for the great work !

d2m  at 25.Mar,2006 01:40
no no, thank you

for the contributions you've given to the zope community.

I'll add the screencasts in my member area soon

kedai  at 25.Mar,2006 09:52

thanks for your hint!

Shariman  at 30.Mar,2006 14:53
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