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python+zope++:: Screencast: Simple content types with ZClasses
Posted at 02.Apr,2006 02:27  Comments 5 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Yeah, you read it right! I'm sure I'll get burned for this, but this really shows how simple it is creating a content type for Zope.

Before we get into the screencast, please be informed that ZClasses life is really really short. Or not, depending on how we read into this

IIRC ZClasses will die starting Zope 2.10.

Also, I'm not recommending the ZClasses path. I'm just showing one of the ways that may help out for simple content type or web application. I've written about ZClasses some time back. And it is still valid, imo.

Go check out the screencast

And decide for your self.

p/s - I've put on my flame suit, so .. :)

p/p/s - I'm a happy man if Jim decides to have something like ZClasses further down the road. I'd do simple stuff with it, nothing complicated, promise.

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hey, great show -- it is interesting how complex such 'easy' tasks could get, even with only filling out forms TTW.

I think chances are good that ZClasses will live on, whats needed is dedicated maintenance, better documentation and some configuration wizards/helpers ...

d2m  at 02.Apr,2006 14:38

yeah. we need to put that up front, keep it simple s... :)

TTW is something with that *wow* power, and will hook most ppl in.

And later they'll discover the power of python. and we still win.

I know ZClasses helped me a lot. And I've never experienced problems, apart from upgrades in Zope versions.

Luck, or because all my zclasses are pretty plain and simple.

Except the first one that subclasses everything in the list :D

Live and learn...

kedai  at 02.Apr,2006 19:41

If you post about the ZClasses deprecation then post correctly!

In fact ZClasses are marked as deprecated for various reasons.
HOWEVER as mentioned MULTIPLE TIMES: ZCLasses won't be removed from the Zope core in the near future. They will stay *as long* as they don't raise any major problems when working on new major releases.

Andreas Jung  at 02.Apr,2006 20:49

Its just a week ago when Jim Fulton posted: "On the subject of deprecation, for the record, I think removing ZClasses is a mistake."

[Zope-dev] IMO ZClasses should stay

i think he was not the only one how had the impression of an impending removal

d2m  at 02.Apr,2006 22:41
my bad

that's what the "iirc" was about

i stand corrected.

but references such as this http://www.mail-archive.com/zope@zope.org/msg15379.html and others make the 2.10 look real.

i understand the reasons, and have nothing against the deprecation. and i also understand that there's only just a few (one?) who really knows zclass and can fix any problems with any zope release.

kedai  at 02.Apr,2006 22:47
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