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Life and all the rest:::: Queensryche: OM II - a crime?
Posted at 20.May,2006 21:41  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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I can't believe I missed the release of OM II last March. I've eard rumors that Queensryche were thinking of continuing where OM left off.

After the first listen, all I can say is this - it sounds Queensryche-y but not from the 1988 but more the late 90s.

The 1988 sounds were the greatest, where Geoff scales every imaginable note and the guys rocked hard.

After Empire, the guys mellowed a bit IMO. There were still great to listen to, but not as intensed.

OMII is pretty much like the later albums, but harder. And I can understand why Geoff didn;t do what he did with OM.

All in all, a good album if we compare it to the later albums. But OM is still the one to beat.

One good thing about OMII though, now I know who killed Mary :)

Maybe a few more listen will help me appreciate the album.

p/s - Helloween's Keeper of the seven keys - the legacy is a good album too! Go get it, if you can.

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